Playa Del Carmen Vehicle Registration / Car Plates Without A Curp

Playa Del Carmen Vehicle Registration / Car Plates Without A Curp

Foreign Nationals with an address in Quintana Roo and owners of a Mexican motor vehicle have the right to register it at their names at any of the Vehicle Department in the State of Quintana Roo without the CURP (“Cédula Única de Registro de Población”). Now, we have also successfully assisted Foreign Nationals to obtain the registration at the Vehicle Department of Playa del Carmen by filing a formal request, showing the proper documents, proving an address in Quintana Roo and the client’s Immigration Form current (FMM).

Nevertheless, we are aware that in reality the Vehicle Department offices around the State keep refusing foreign nationals who wish to register a motor vehicle at their names when they do not have the CURP. With so many foreigners living in Quintana Roo there is still a lot to do before the Government changes their policies. More people should exercise their right and obligation to own a vehicle and register it and we can help. We know the law, the requirements and procedure.

Taking the opportunity, here is some advise before buying a vehicle in Mexico: make sure all the documents are in order and payments up to date, physically check the VIN number, obtain a bill of sale and if the title of the car is a digital invoice known as CFDI (“comprobante fiscal digital por internet”) issued by a Car dealer to an individual or corporation, do not accept an endorsement on the print of such CFDI. It won’t be valid because such document could be printed many times and there is no legal certainty of who is the owner. (Since 2014, under the new Federal Tax Code paper invoices are not longer valid companies and private individuals with professional or business activitirties must issued digital invoices for the sale of goods or services. Cash transactions are also limited.) For real Estate transactions see also our newsletter:

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